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  • Don´t let the proof to weigh you down

    Don´t let the proof to weigh you down

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Registered electronic contracting

Close contracts easily, quickly and with full legal validity


Customized solutions for registered electronic contracting

Connectaclick makes processes shorter thus expanding your sales:

Your customers will close electronic contracts without any third parties managing the documentation. This quick process allows you to learn and to correct promotions, measuring the impact almost immediately.


Seal deals in nine minutes

Deal in 9’ is an application developed by It is a portable point of sale that makes the process of explaining and closing contracts easier and quicker: visual, effective and with full legal validity.

Make your contract with the customer profitable and close the deal there and then.

Registered email contract

It allows you to close legally binding contracts via mobile phone. Simple and with full legal validity.

When closing the contract, the deal is sealed by email.

Registered SMS contract

It allows you to close legally binding contracts via mobile phone. Simple and with full legal validity.

Send the contract to your client by SMS from Tools web portal. The recipient simply needs to reply to that number. The moment the recipient replies, issues a certificate with the contract.

Electronic registered communications

We register electronic messages (SMS and email)

Registered email

An email turned into a document that can be used as evidence before a court of law, if so required. You can attach files.

Registered SMS

A text message turned into a document that can be used as evidence before a court of law, if so required.

Registered invoice

Sending invoices as registered email attachment. While registering the sending, the content and the delivery.

Registered inbox

Registration of incoming emails.


Proof we need to see. Take a picture. Take photos and use them as evidences.

Stamp ID

Stamp ID checks the validity of a passport/or identity card. Avoid fraud and add security.

Try registered electronic messages

  1. Send it from your email manager, just the way you always do. You can attach as many files as you wish, up to 5 MB
  2. Add our registered address in the Cc field:
  3. Your email is processed and a registered copy is sent to the recipient.
  4. We create and send a certificate containing the exact time and date the email was received, as well as the sender, the recipient the content of the message and the attachments: a fully legally binding certificate.

Feel like trying registered email contract?


Buy registered electronic contracts

1 €message

Taxes included

Contract management as well as all our services are available through Tools.

Service for
Telecommunications Operators

Our interconnection network connects more than 150 countries


As a communications operator member of the GSMA, provides a number of services in collaboration with other operators, offering an international interconnection network.

International Transit carrier

Operator- oriented service to boost interconnection and improve service quality. With the very best customized assistance provided by

Gateway for companies with high SMS A2P and P2P traffic volume.

We help to reduce interconnection workload. We have an expertise in SMPP, SS7, etc. settings and we customized black lists. P2P and A2P traffic


This is a service for mobile operators (MNOs and MVNOs) to access our comprehensive, instant and two-way SMS coverage in TWIN countries.

Smart route

Decide the destination operator you want us to manage your traffic. We will give you back the traffic from those operators you don´t want us to manage it, so you can send those messages using a provider of your choice.

HLR services

HLR service checks on real time the operator and mobile number status (exists or not and if active). It is extremely useful to know if the recipient is available, the terminal is turned off in roaming, or call blocking.

We provide with solutions to improve contracting and communication processes.

This is our belief and so is our customers'.

More business cases
  • We use SMS indeed. We know it's hard to believe since now more than ever everything is done via Whatsapp. We receive few SMS, but when receiving one you ensure visibility. We use it a lot.

    Xavier Berneda - Munich
    Xavier Berneda

    Munich Managing Director

  • Registered electronic communications provide the original content of what was communicated; we get the irrefutable this is what you said.

    Giacomo Avondo
    Giacomo Avondo Country Manager South Africa

  • The whole process takes just hours, not days.

    José Luis Pérez

    Contesta Chief Technical Officer

  • Since we are using registered electronic communications, we no longer use classic Burofax notifications.

    Alberto M. Muñoz

    Presidence CEO

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  • Cofidis, Endesa, Mapfre, Metro, Halcon viajes, Prosegur, Securitas Direct, Uned, Verti
  • Banc Popular, La Caixa, Banc Sabadell, Banque PS Finance, BBVA