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Services for Telecommunication Operators

Different services to improve quality and efficiency

eKYC (electronic Know Your Customer) for operators

Thanks to our videoconferencng online ID verification service, you can register SIM cards without your customers having to go to the store or service points. RIU also allows to sign the contract of the SIM card the very moment you buy it, either in person or online

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HUB (P2P) inbound / outbound

As a communications operator member of the GSMA, provides a number of services in collaboration with other operators, offering an international interconnection network.

This network makes it possible to send and receive SMS thanks to the interconnection agreements established with mobile phone operators and virtual mobile phone operators.

We have our own numbering system to deliver inbound and outbound SMS and MMS services.

Global Coverage

Direct connections with more than 40 operators ensuring global reach to 1300 international networks. Full coverage of mobile number portability (MNP) and proof of delivery report. SMS reception (MO), SMS sending (MT) and two-way messages. Delivery from and to any type of system (GSM, CDMA, etc.).


As operator, our portability data base is updated. Thus optimizing both SMS sending and calls, choosing the more suitable route and reducing operational costs.

Connections and type of traffic

We provide service both to A2P traffic and P2P, through SMPP, SS7,and MM4 connections.


Ability to detect and avoid SPAM, filtering SMS traffic. This service is customised by the parameters set by the customer.


Filter your mobile originated traffic, by country, operator and destination.

Download our Network and Operator coverage

Grey routes can regularly monitor incoming grey routes, warning the customer and allowing incoming traffic to be the only billable,due to the previous agreement with the issuer.

We are not an anti spam tool. We deal with the root of the problem, we evaluate routes and identify SMSC ( either by SMPP or SS7)

License registered services for operators

The operator license is meant to get whitelabel certification services. To license an operator a direct interconnection is required to have the certification channel.

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A coordination tool for sharing information amongst a group of people using SMS. This service allows a group of people to communicate simultaneously based on a single message sent from one number.


Access our comprehensive, instant and two-way coverage in Twin countries.(Spain, France, UK, US, Colombia) allocates a unique number to the SMS sent from abroad and replaces it by a local number. By this number allocation, all sendings from Spain to that number will be at a local cost, since links both numbers providing thus, a clear competitive advantage to the operators users’ services.

As if you had a dual SIM.


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