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Click & Sign

Electronic signature and online contracts

Click & Sign Online contracts

Connectaclik Basic is our online contracting platform to sign documents aimed at any user or companies looking for a full digital process.

With Click & Sign, sending a document to be signed online is easier, faster and cheaper than tradional paper postal mail. And with the same probative force.

Easy to send

Send your contracts easy and fast from Tools, or through our API if you need to implement the deliveries in your own management tool

Easy to sign

Your customers click and sign documents in any device.No need to install any app.

Easy to integrate

With Click & Sign Pro API you can integrate your contracting processes in your systems with fully guaranteed compatibility.

Easy and fast online contracting

Electronic signature and online contracts

First step Sending the contract

Documents that need to be signed are sent from our user’s platform Tools.Click & Sign is easily integrated thansk to our API.

Enter or select from Contacts the recipient(s) of the contract to be signed, select the email texts and the signature web page, upload the contract in PDF and send it on its way to the signers.

With Click & Sign, sending a document to be signed online is easier, faster and cheaper than tradional paper postal mail. And with the same probative force.

Second step Contract signature

The recipient will receive a registered email with a link to sign the contract. The PDF document is attached in the email.

In the signature webpage, the user signs the PDF document,as previously selected, with either handwritten signature or with a click easily and efficiently .

website service

Advanced settings Notifications and copies of the document

Receive status notifications of your contracts. Find out whether your document has been sent, received, opened or signed.

You may choose to send a copy of your contract , once the process is finished. Receive the certificate by email to the address of your choice.

Online contracting advantages


Send and receive the signed contract within seconds


The intuitive and easy system increases the percentage of signed contracts.

Probative force

Documents signed with are admissible as evidence.


Click & Sign Pro is used by banks, insurance companies, real states, energy companies...


Contracts are signed while on the go

Care of the environment

Paper expenditure reduction, leading to significant economic, and environmental benefits.

How to effectively use econtracts

Cloud platform

Manage your services from anywhere with an Internet connection.


Integrate our API's seamlessly into all your current programs or applications.


Prepare your data, transfer it to our servers and we will send it for you.

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