User validation solution with digital certificates.

Understanding user validation using digital certificates

Certvalidator is an advanced solution to streamline user validation through digital certificates. This method ensures that access to platforms, systems, and various online services is only granted to users possessing valid and accepted certificates.

Benefits of Certvalidator

Online validation using digital certificates is one of the most robust methods to verify a user's identity securely. Certvalidator empowers you to seamlessly integrate this security measure into your systems with just a few lines of code.

Unparalleled security

In today's digital landscape, digital certificate validation reigns supreme as the most secure means of identifying users.

Reliable trust framework

Certvalidator empowers you to restrict access to digital certificates issued exclusively by designated Certification Authorities, ensuring the utmost trust and reliability.

Minimal time to implementation

Integrating Certvalidator into your systems or applications is a straightforward process that doesn't necessitate specialised knowledge of digital certificates. It can be accomplished swiftly, often in just a matter of hours

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How Certvalidator works

User Interaction with pages requiring digital certificate validation

User's Journey

When a user lands on a webpage that requires verification, like when logging into an online store or registering for a SaaS platform, they can confirm their identity through a digital certificate. The browser showcases an array of available certificates for them to choose from.

If the user lacks any installed certificates, they will be directed to a user-friendly error page that guides how to install them.

Digital certificate validation comes into play.

Certvalidator springs into action

After the user chooses the certificate they wish to use for validation, Certvalidator springs into action. It conducts a sequence of crucial assessments, which include verifying the certificate's source from an accredited Certification Authority, confirming alignment with the requested certificate type (e.g., individual or organisational), and ensuring its current validity, confirming it has not expired.

Moreover, Certvalidator captures relevant certificate information, including the Tax Identification Number (TIN), the individual's name, or the company name.

Digital certificate validation comes into play.

Response from Certvalidator

Certvalidator promptly delivers the outcomes of these meticulous checks, along with the relevant certificate details. This empowers the initiating system to conduct any further verifications deemed necessary.

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