Easy eContract

Registered Email contract, online agreement signing easy and fast

Close a deal and sign a contract in a few minutes time. The recipient welcomes the easy, fast and simple process. On the other hand, you could optimize your time, getting more done in less time.

We offer you the solution for online contracting with the sound guarantee of a digital witness. Whether you are self-employed, SME or a large company, let us introduce you our solution to easy eContract. Enrich your online contracting processes, eliminating the need for paper based document transactions. Fast, secure and efficient. Compliant with international legal framework.

Most important uses



Use it to send all your contract agreements and we will certify the delivery and the recipient's response.

Sending and accepting quotes

Sending and accepting quotes

Do not limit communication with your customers and suppliers, send easy eContract to make acceptance much more agile.

Meeting calls and attendance confirmation

Meeting calls and attendance confirmation

Useful to send and receive Meeting Calls, as well as the certification of attendance of each participant.

Some pros of electronic contracting

It’s easy

Send the proposal from your usual email manager.

It’s clear

The sender receives the document, a strong evidence of the message being delivered.

It’s cost-effective

Patented method

No intermediaries

Only the sender and Lleida.net interact as digital witness.

Legally binding

The certificate is the documentary evidence you receive once you send a registered electronic communication. It is a digitally signed document with a time stamp crediting content and time.

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How does it work?

Step 1

Step 1

Write your registered address in the "To" Field of your regular email manager. Lleida.net provides you the registered address.

Step 2

Step 2

In the Subject field write the recipient email address followed by a space and the subject you want.

Step 3

Step 3

Write your message, add attachments and send!

Step 4

Step 4

We will send you an email stating that Lleida.net servers are processing the delivery. And once the recipient replies you back, you will receive the documentary evidence with the answer issued by Lleida.net and thus generating the Easy eContract.

Starting out

Our team will advise you and indicate the solution that best suits your needs, or should you prefer to find your own, sign up here:

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If you are an existent Lleida.net client you already have an easy eContract address otherwise, during the registration process we will set an account for you.

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