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eKYC Docs

Get safer sales and avoid fraud

eKYC Docs checks the validity of a passport/or identity card. Avoid fraud and add security

How eKYC Docs increases security

Id image certification

Linking the email account with the issuer

How eKYC Docs reduces fraud

Check the validity of an ID or passport

Checking the integrity of the document by analysing the MRZ code.

Comparison of document data

Extracting and classifying data

Checking the expiration date

How does it work?

Take a photo with your smartphone or tablet of the front and back side of the ID card.

Send the picture to your eKYC Docs email.

What do you get?

The report on the results of the analysis of the identity card

The certificate proving date and time of delivery, the sender and the certified delivery mailbox.

Use eKYC Docs for:

On line shopping

Cut on line shopping risk forcing the customer to identify himself and verifying his identity.

Easily integrated into any sales process as it is an email sending.

Hotel booking

Faster check in for clients sending their identity cards to eKYC Docs mailbox.

Less front desk queues, faster bookings.

The antifraud solution for ecommerce

eKYC Docs is simple to use. assigns you an email address to send your prospective client's ID or passport.

If you are face to face with your client you can check it at the very instant with a tablet or smartphone.

If at distance simply ask your client to take a picture of his identity card and send it to his eKYC Docs email address.

Within minutes you will receive two emails, The first one will give you the results of the analysis of the document, and the second email is the certificate proving who sent the ID to the eKYC Docs address.


Manage your services from anywhere with Internet connection.


Integrate our API's seamlessly into all your current programs or applications. We assist and provide integration support with all our API's.


Prepare your data, transfer it to our servers and we will send it for you.

Tailor-made development

We develop tailor-made projects for our customers. Contact us at

The analysis results throw back the validity or invalidity of the document.

eKYC Docs gets data from any supported document, extracting it and comparing it with its MRZ code. Thus it evaluates the integrity of the document.

The certificate proves who sends the document, the certificate mailbox where it was sent, and when (date and time). certificate is fully legally binding    

Not only it certifies the delivery date and time, but also the email address the ID was sent from, and to, and the attached data, in this case passport or ID pictures.

*Consult service availability depending on ID document and country.

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