Secret, protecting trade secrets

With Secret you will register, certify and safeguard the business secret with the same legal validity as traditional methods. It enables trustworthy verification of the sender, content, and delivery of a confidential document, providing evidence of its confidential status

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Storage of the documentary evidence during 5 years. These documents can be downloaded at the user's request.


We have designed our services to seamlessly integrate with your current workflow without requiring any changes. As a result, they are user-friendly and straightforward.


Our services utilize our proprietary technology, which is supported by over 200 global patents.

Benefits of Secret

All about Secret

All about Secret

To find out more about the service, you can visit the micro site Click & Sign and read a detailed explanation of all the features of the product.

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Secret platform

Qualified registered reception provides the maximum legal security that a trusted service provider can offer, recording, the document(s) as confidential.

Send documents

Simple and user-friendly

The sending is carried out from the Secret platform.

Once the user is successfully authenticated, the document(s) to be sent are uploaded, the destination email address is entered, and optionally an access code is entered to access the documents. Upon completion, a registered email is sent, without any attachments, and with a link generated automatically.

Certifying the process

Accessing documents

Once your user clicks on the link in the registered email they will be prompted for the access code (if set up) and only once it has been positively validated the documents sent will be displayed

Once the documents are displayed, the documentary evidence is generated, including the time and origin of the registered e-mail, and the time and destination of delivery and its content, the URL and its access time.