Electronic voting made simple

As simple as sending an email

Electronic voting simple, easy and fast Electronic voting

We have the best solution to easily cast your vote wherever you are.

Lleida.net provides all its clients a registering mailbox where everything received is certified instantly.

The sender receives the documentary evidence proving the message and attachments have been sent and received.

Most important uses

Voting at shareholder's meeting

Voting at shareholder's meeting

Guaranteeing the holding of the Meetings and avoiding the stoppage of the activity of the companies, in the most rigorous way possible and in conformity with the Law.

Delegation of vote

Delegation of vote

The shareholder votes, but without attending the Meeting in person.

Holding of assemblies of companies, associations, communities, etc.

Holding of assemblies of companies, associations, communities, etc.

Members vote without attending the meeting in person and thus guaranteeing their participation.

Advantages of electronic voting

Fast an easy

You just have to notify your registering email address is and in less than 5 minutes you get the documentary evidence of the communication.


The sender receives the document, a strong evidence of the message being delivered.


Patented method

No intermediaries

Only the sender and Lleida.net interact as digital witness.

Legally binding

The certificate is the documentary evidence you receive once you send a registered electronic communication. It is a digitally signed document with a time stamp crediting content and time.

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How does it work?

Step 1

Step 1

The sender sends an email to the registering email address that we have provided . Attach any document if needed.

Step 2

Step 2

You receive the documentary evidence in your email inbox and in your user area.

Step 3

Step 3

The recipient receives the documentary evidence.

Starting out

Our team will advise you and indicate the solution that best suits your needs, or should you prefer to find your own , sign up here:

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If you are an existent Lleida.net client you already have a registered mailbox, otherwise, during the registration process we will configure an account for you.

Call us on +34 973 282 300 or send us an email at customers@lleida.net

Registering mailbox

Our registering mailboxes allow you to certify the email you receive. The email you receive in your registering mailbox generate proof, with legal validity, of the time it is sent, the time it is received, where it is sent from, where it is received, and the content of the communication as well as the attachments.
It is an easy, fast and economical way to provide legal security, to your regular electronic communications, improving trust and credibility in your business relationships.

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