eKYC Lleida.net, Online identity validation

Effortlessly streamline the Know-Your-Customer (KYC) process, reducing costs and eliminating unnecessary paperwork, all while ensuring top-notch security and authenticity.

60 seconds

eKYC Lleida.net allows you to verify user identities in less than 60 seconds through our video conference identification system.


reduction of identity fraud both online and offline


of population transacting online

What is eKYC Lleida.net?

Identity validation and digital certificates are key to online identity verification. By collecting customer information, eKYC Lleida.net enhances security measures, prevents fraud, and ensures compliance with legal and ethical requirements, ultimately contributing to a safer economy.

Benefits of eKYC Lleida.net

Know your customer with confidence

eKYC Lleida.net suite

eKYC Lleida.net complies with anti-money laundering (AML) regulations and with remote identification procedures via videoconference (e.g. SEPBLAC regulation in the Spanish case).


Converts scanned ID document images to text

eKYC sends OCR back the data of the identity document within seconds.

eKYC Docs

Validation of ID cards, passports and driving licences

Upload or take a photo of your ID card with your webcam or mobile phone camera.

eKYC Photo

Enhance eKYC Docs by adding biometric facial recognition

Digital identity validation and facial recognition to find out if the person on the other end of the transaction is who they say they are.

eKYC Video

The cutting edge video validation solution

Additional layer of security with biometric face-recognition and liveness detection. The process is video recorded, assisted by a <> live agent or <> stand-alone. In case of a failed result, the process can be approved afterwards by an agent.

eKYC Onboarding

End-to-end solution for efficient work flow

Add an extra layer of security to your onboarding processes with video validation and electronic signatures.

eKYC Onboarding is fully integrated into our Click & Sign online recruitment platform and complies with SEPBLAC regulations regarding non-presence procedures.


eKYC Docs

eKYC Photo

eKYC Video

eKYC Onboarding

Reading documents
Data validation
Face recognition
Video- identification.
Documentary evidence
Tailor-made development

Case study

While KYC is most widely used in the banking and finance sector, it is useful in other sectors.

Online shopping

Hotel booking

Online product purchase

Online registration

Closing of sales and rental agreements

Car rental

Life insurance and pension plans

How we validate identity

At Lleida.net, we prioritize user-centric digital transformation, ensuring our products are user-friendly and seamlessly integrate with existing tools.

Document analysis

The analysis of the document

The first step involves photographing the front and back of the document, if applicable.

eKYC Lleida.net checks the validity and integrity by analyzing various parameters, including MRZ code analysis, data extraction and classification, data comparison, and document expiry date verification.

Image comparison

Biometric analysis

eKYC Photo, eKYC Video y eKYC Onboarding

Thanks to facial recognition technology, the system recognizes and compares the photo of the document with the user’s selfie, and gives a correspondence ratio of the two images.

The documentary evidence

Report with the results

eKYC Video and eKYC Onboarding

We issue a report, providing the data extracted from the document, the images taken, the validation results in a PDF document and the percentage of the consistency between both sides.

eKYC Lleida.net is compliant with


SEPBLAC Regulations (Executive Service of the Commission for the Prevention of Money Laundering and Monetary Offences).

SEPBLAC standards

TCAB (Trust Conformity Assessment Body) accreditation in accordance with European eIDAS regulations.

TCBA Accreditation
ISO 27001

ISO 27001, Information Security Management System (ISMS).

ISO 27001 Certificate