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25 October 2019

A subsidiary of awarded contract to be officia

l provider of number portability information in Spain

Madrid, 25 October.- The Association of Operators for Mobile Portability (AOPM) and the Association of Operators for Portability (AOP), responsible for the development of the mobile number portability environment in Spain, have awarded Portabilidad Españolas SL, a 100% subsidiary, the contract to become the exclusive official provider of information on Spanish portability for the next two years.

The unanimous resolution was notified on Thursday. The contract, renewable may be renewed for additional two-year periods, turns into the unique provider of Spanish number  portability, to global operators"

The service identifies the operator a number belongs to when making a phone call or when sending SMSs, it is also used  to properly route the service and to adjust the cost of the service.

The technology the company works with, which is dual listed on the Alternative Stock Market in Madrid and the Euronext Growth in Paris, has been developed for 14 years.

“Given the increase use of devices in the existing networks, due to the development of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the speed with which 5G standards are being launched in Spain, that allow a much higher density of terminals in a more space reduced, it is required an advanced technology to manage information on portability, ” said Sisco Sapena, CEO of the company.

The contract will allow, is not only  a benchmark provider of e-Signature services, but one of the main SMS operators in the market, will increase its turnover significantly in the coming years, according to sources company.

At the close of the market yesterday, the value of quotation of the company in the MAB reached a price of 0.98 euros per share, which represents an increase of more than 5.3% since the beginning of the year, while In Paris the share stands at 1.00 euros.
At yesterday's closing, the stock capitalization was 15.73 million euros.