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5 March 2020

EU to recognize new patent on certified communi


Madrid 4 March.- The European Patent Office has granted a new patent is for its registered receipt of electronic email.

The granting of this patent will allow  the company to generate 5 million euros  during its entire lifetime.

The invention is framed within the SaaS sector used in registered electronic records of documentation entry procedures, both in public and private administration.

This patent is the final granting of the method used by La Liga, for the sale of  global licences.

“The Intellectual Property division of our company has achieved a new success, and confirms that our growth strategy, based on innovation and internationalization, is giving positive results for our investors” said Sisco Sapena, CEO of the company.

This patent, out of a total of  108 patent, is currently in force for 20 years.

It is the third European patent on registered methods, as well as on digital witness for electronic contracting and electronic notification granted to ., which is dual listed on the Alternative Stock Market and Euronext Growth in Paris, is the first Spanish company to obtain the type approval of qualified electronic registered delivery service of  EIDAS regulation

Currently, over 70 countries recognize the legal validity of electronic methods to certify legal notifications in contracting processes.

At yesterday's closing, the stock capitalization was 20 million euros.