Press releases

9 March 2020

Today, shares move to continuous trading

Madrid , 9 March.-The shares of (BME: LLN) in the Alternative Stock Market move to continuous trading providing investors faster access and liquid assets to the company shares.

Given the results of the IT Spanish company in the trading floor, Bolsas y Mercados Españoles announced on 5 March  its decision to allow the shares to be negotiated with an open session period between open and close auctions.

This decision corresponds to the increase of  liquidity that the company has recorded in the past few months ,rather than for having increased the amount of outstanding shares 

“Moving to continuous trading, after 5 years of being quoted on MAB, is a  key milestone for us. We are recording historical peaks in equity trading, and we hope to continue to be a rising value in the coming months", explained Sisco Sapena, founder and CEO of the company., celebrated its 25th anniversary last January, it is a dual listed company on the MAB and Euronext Growth (EURONEXT: ALLLN) in Paris.

Earlier this year, the company's shares reached historical peaks, after accumulating more than three years of results with positive EBITDA

The IT company, specialized in providing registered electronic communications services, has been developing an ever-growing internationalization activity, which led to sign contracts and alliances in the Middle East, Latin America and South Africa.

It holds 108 patents in certification and notification methods, as well as digital witness in electronic contracts and notifications, granted by the authorities of several countries.

Currently, over 70 countries recognize the legal validity of electronic methods to certify legal notifications in contracting processes. 

At yesterday's closing, the stock capitalization was 22 million euros.