Press releases

30 March 2020

Russia grants a new patent for its registered e

mail method with qualified electronic signature.

Madrid, 30  March.- Russia has granted the Spanish technology company (BME: LLN; EURONEXT: ALLLN) a new patent for its registered email method .

The patent granted by Rospatent ,the Russian federal Service for Intellectual Property is currently in force for 20 years , has been named “METHOD FOR THE CERTIFICATION OF ELECTRONIC MAIL CONTAINING A RECOGNISED ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE ON THE PART OF A TELECOMMUNICATIONS OPERATOR”.

This new method allows the sending of digitally signed and registered emails with a qualified  electronic signature without breaking the signature at the time of the  certification.

The system generates a documentary evidence, valid  before any Court and public administrations to proof the sending, content, delivery and proving information has not been tampered

This patent is a significant step forward the internationalization strategy of the company  and it  joins other 23 patents that already has in the field of qualified electronic signature

At present, the company has 109 patents worldwide on certification methods., which is dual listed on the Alternative Stock Market (MAB) and Euronext Growth in Paris, was the first Spanish company to obtain the type approval of qualified electronic registered delivery service of the European eIDAS regulation

eIDAS is the regulation for electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the European area. This approval recognizes the documentary evidence issued by on behalf of its clients and is  admitted before any European court or administration.

Over 70 countries recognize the legal validity of electronic methods to certify legal notifications in contracting processes.

The granting of this patent will allow the company to expand its business in Russia, in a thriving sector with great potential, such as electronic contracting and notification, and which is booming and necessary in the current circumstances where they are necessary effective online  tools

"This new patent strengthens our internationalization strategy. Russia is a very important market, where digital development will also require significant investments in trust services.

 In these tough times, we will continue helping companies around the world to continue innovating, "explained Sisco Sapena, founder of the company

In recent weeks, the company strengthened its Research and Development work to support new products to reinforce the validity of digital business communications

Just to mention a few, a platform allowing company directors and company shareholders to vote remotely, registered and immediately at a general meeting or at board of directors. Board of Directors  agreed last Friday to propose to its General Shareholders' Meeting to distribute the first-ever dividends.

The dividend will be one net euro cent per share, and will be distributed on the date adopted during the next General Meeting and will exceed 160,000 euros