Press releases

12 May 2020

The CEO of launches a Stock Purchase Plan under

Preferential Conditions for Employees and Providers

Madrid,12 May .- The Chief Executive Officer of (BME: LLN; EPA: ALLLN), Sisco Sapena, today launched an Out-of-Market Stock Sale Plan to reward employees and providers, as well as to directors and partners, for their support for the company during years.

The Loyalty Plan, named " 2020", comprises up to 100,000 shares, expandable to another 100,000 shares, and will be available between 12 - 29 May 2020.

By means of that mechanism, the beneficiaries will be able to acquire shares at 2.8 euros per share, market closing date on the MAB yesterday, and they will also carry two purchase options at the same price, which  will expire in one and two years, respectively.

"We all are going through a rough time, but shareholders have been fortunate, due to our effort and business model, to be owners of  one of the fastest growing values in Europe. Therefore, to reward the support of team, internal and external, we will continue to make it easier for them to invest in the company, "said Sapena.

The consideration for the shares will be made by the main shareholder of, from whose shareholding package the actions of the " 2020 Plan" are derived.

These rights can be executed as long as the following conditions occur:

- share price as of 12 May 2021 is 50% higher than the price of 11 May 2020.

- The share price of as of 12 May 2022 is 100% higher than the price of 11 May  2020

Likewise, announced today to the market that, given the good results achieved by the company in the past few months, and which have put the company's shares at record highs , the majority shareholder has agreed to execute the first tranche of the “Euronext Plan”.

Those who joined the Stock Sale Plan under preferential conditions when the company was listed on Euronext Growth, will be able to buy the same number of shares that they acquired at that time at the price of December 2018, when they were trading at 0.97 euros .

At the close of the market yesterday, shares traded on the Alternative Stock Market at 2.80 euros, and on Euronext Growth at 2.86 euros.

The current capitalization of the company exceeds 43 million euros.