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7 January 2021 adds eleven million potential customers in emir

ates following the agreement with emirates post

Madrid-Dubai, 7 January .- Eleven million potential Emirates Post customers already have access to (BME: LLN) (OTCQX: LLEIF) (EPA: ALLLN) signature and registered electronic notification services, after of the agreement announced by both companies two days ago.

These eleven million potential customers are already using the Emirates Post PO Box services.

They are both private and business users, from public and private sectors.

Last Tuesday, Emirates Post announced that it will distribute's electronic signature and notification services in the United Arab Emirates.

The agreement, signed for an indefinite period, allowed the Saudi national postal company to distribute all the electronic signature and registered electronic notification services of the Spanish listed company.

"We are proud of the agreement signed with Emirates Post and that such an important national postal entity has chosen our services to contribute to the digitization of the country," explains Sisco Sapena, founder and CEO of the company.

"And for our investors, knowing that we have added 11 million new potential clients to our portfolio should be a source of pride and confidence in the company," he added.

The services are provided according to a pay-per-use model.

These services,  hosted in the United Arab Emirates  work with the  telecommunications provided by all operators  in the country.

Emirates Post Group Company is a public limited company under the Emirates Investment Authority (EIA) that operates as a business agency  throughout the country.

Some services included in the contract are integrated with the UAE Pass, Digital Identity and Digital Signature service, of the Federal Government of the Emirates.

UAE PASS is the national digital identity program and allows citizens to digitally sign all kinds of official documents.

The Dubai-based company is the official entity responsible for licensing all postal, courier and logistics services in the United Arab Emirates.

Currently, is already the official provider of registered electronic communications for national postal services in Colombia, South Africa and Zambia, among others.

The company, which maintains operations in 19 countries, has become the main European player in the sector in recent years.

Nowadays,, the patented methods of the listed company are recognized as valid to attest legal notifications in contracting processes by the authorities of more than 70 countries.