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13 July 2021

Hong Kong grants a new patent for its method for

producing electronic contracts

Hong Kong,13 July  - The Hong Kong government has granted a new patent, this time for its method for producing electronic contracts certified by a user of a telecommunications operator.

It is the 205th patent granted to the company at an international level. In addition to the patent granted this week, the company has already received two awards for its innovations from the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region authorities.

The first was for its method for the registration and certification of electronic mail. "Hong Kong is one of the world's most dynamic markets for technological innovations in the realm of telecommunications.

This patent will strengthen our stance in the region and will open up further opportunities for us in the short and medium-term," explained Sisco Sapena, CEO and founder of the company. So far, more than 60 countries have recognized's technological inventions.

Among them are the United States and the European Union and China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and the member countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council. For the company, the commitment to intellectual property is one of its three strategic pillars, together with internationalization and investment in innovation and development.

In the region, has a remarkable presence in China, where it signed interconnection agreements with China Mobile and China Telecom in 2019, and where it has also been granted five patents since 2017.

These include the patent for Registered mail, Registered SMS and Registered inbox. was listed on the current BME Growth in 2015 and on Euronext Growth in 2018.

At the end of 2020, it was listed on the OTCQX Best Market index in New York.

Its share rose 6.60 per cent on the Madrid stock exchange in yesterday's session, closing at €6.14 per share.