Press releases

5 July 2022

Afrucat and enter into an agreement to enhance c

ommunication among companies and their employees

The telecommunications operator to offer its SMS and Registered email services to Afrucat members

Barcelona 1 July 2022.- The Catalan Fruit Business Association, Afrucat, and the telecommunications operator,, have agreed to provide Afrucat's members with the SMS and registered email service for the labour relationship with their seasonal workers.

According to Manel Simon, "communication with many seasonal workers takes place via mobile phone or email alone, with the associated uncertainty about whether the messages have been received correctly. This tool allows us to be confident that the message was sent and received efficiently, particularly when workers are or are not called for new campaigns".

According to Carlos Rodriguez, this agreement, effective automatically once signed, will provide companies with legal certainty at a preferential price as Afrucat members.'s technology enables the delivery of a short text message sent to a mobile phone number or an email and the issuance of digitally signed documentary evidence that attests to the sending and receiving email accounts or phone numbers, the content of the message and the date the communication took place.

Manel Simon, General Manager of Afrucat

Montserrat Corderroure, Marketing and Communication Manager