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10 January 2023 achieved a record number of SaaS services in 202

Madrid, January 10 - Spanish listed company (BME:LLN) (EPA:ALLLN) (OTCQX:LLEIF) saw a significant increase in its SaaS services production in 2022 and recorded an all-time high for its main product, Click & Sign. " has had a good year in 2022 when it comes to production. We have grown in the number of SaaS units issued by our customers through our proprietary technology, and we have grown in the number of customers". Sisco Sapena, CEO and founder of the company, stated, "These are extraordinary figures that augur well for 2023." During the last part of the year, the production of contract signatures by API (whose commercial name is Click & Sign Standard) and its Click & Sign Pro version stood out. The production of Click & Sign Standard grew by 43% and exceeded six million units per year for the first time, with special importance being given to those issued by telecommunications companies in Europe and real estate financing services in Spain. The same trend was observed by Click & Sign Pro, whose circuits are more complex and grew by 27.8% per cent in 2022, reaching 1.29 million contracts made via's proprietary services for the first time. This was driven especially by insurance and credit card contracts in Europe. Concerning the production of registered emails, which are often used for payment claims, the company noted a 14% increase in the number of users using the service, some 23,000, although it recorded a slight decline in the number of certified emails sent through the companies. The Registered SMS Contract, which is used for contracting processes, insurance company and utility claims in Europe, debit balances in banking, financial defaults by utilities, and notifications by administrations, fell by 15.5% in 2022 This decline is especially due to the difficulties that electricity companies have had in remaining competitive since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine and the enormous increase in the wholesale price.'s services reflect the state of the economy, with increased contracting and debt claims. The company's customers sent approximately 4.1 million certified SMS contracts during the year. Despite forecasts that there would be more claims for non-payment given the current context, the sending of traditional Certified SMS remained very stable in 2022. The company's eKYC services business line has already been consolidated, which has doubled in the last three years and is already close to half a million per year in production. EKYC is used to register new customers for banking and insurance services that need proof of life from the customer. With 218 patents received from over 64 countries internationally, is the European leader in the Registered electronic signature, notification and contracting industry. Its portfolio is one of the strongest in the industry worldwide. More than 60 countries in five continents have now granted patents, including the European Union, United States, China, Russia, India, Mexico, Japan, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, South Africa, Nigeria, Australia and New Zealand. It is listed on the OTCQX index in New York, Euronext Growth in Paris, and BME Growth in Madrid. The company's growth strategy in the countries in which it is present and those in which it plans to be in the future includes a solid growth policy in intellectual property and R&D. Recently, its shares have risen by more than 35% and are trading at 2.54 euros per share.