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22 February 2014 e-mail contract and stamp id to shed new

  • 70% of the proposed contracts are thwarted among other causes for traditional bureaucratic reasons, travelling documents…
  • With Registered e-mail contract the proposal is submitted by a certifying mailbox, the customer response including attachments and generating a certificate with both the proposal and the response all in one legal document
  • Stamp ID, technology with ICAR integrated solutions, reduces the risk of identity fraud online and offline up to 82%.

Lleida, 18 February 2014., the First Registering Operator, announces Registered e-mail contract and Stamp ID the latest electronic contracting solutions allowing all types of contracts in a flexible, secure and reliable way.

Registered e-mail contract to close contracts just by sending the proposal to the allocated certifying mailbox and typing recipient’s email address in the Subject line, the proposal will reach the customer and, when replying, a certificate stating both proposal and reply will be generated in one document. This document may include any additional documentation needed to execute the contract - contractual agreements ID’s, and attachments - and, being a certified document it constitutes a legally binding contract. takes a leap forward in the field of registered electronic communications. From registered e-mail to registered e-mail contract. knows there is always room for improvement, that’s why SMS contract (responding to the needs of insurers and service providers) has been upgraded and now attaching additional information or documents to the SMS, is already a reality. is looking to repeat SMS contract success offering tailored contracting solutions.

During 2013, up to 67% of contracts sent by SMS received a reply, highly contrasting with those not closed contracts dealt by traditional means.

And bearing in mind that ID cards are needed for almost the majority of ecommerce and online service transactions, launches Stamp ID integrating ICAR solutions and developed by

How it Works? Taking a picture with your mobile or tablet of the identity document and sending it to a mailbox that authenticates the document and certifies the issuer, the result of the analysis of the document and date and time of the sending. Stamp ID obtains information from any supported document, extracting and comparing the MRZ code. The test result indicating whether it is a valid or invalid document.

Stamp ID solution helps reducing fraudulent identity documents up to 82%. An estimated fraud of up to 80% aimed at securities and commodities, credits and fraudulent contracting services, generates annual losses between 1% and 4% of businesses annual turnover.

Therefore, users now may close the contracting loop with: SMS contract, Dealin9 '- an application for tablet to close contracts anywhere, collecting the signature of the client through the tablet biometric signature –and e-mail contract, in addition to an authentication solution for identity that complements and combat identity fraud.

These solutions are compatible and can generate circuits easing the management of contracts for both parties and creating electronic evidence, thus linking business and client with a particular contract. Any of the three contracting solutions help to reduce management time costs, paper, and to increase the volume of transactions successfully closed.

All of Solutions are mutually compatible and aimed to optimize customer satisfaction. All certified electronic communications are designed to close contracts easily, quickly and with full legal validity and intended to increase the volume of transactions successfully closed.