Press releases

24 February 2014

Stamphoto, the more evidence the better

  • Stamphoto certifies pictures taken with mobile phones and gives them legal force., the leader operator in communication and contracting processes through e-mail and SMS, expands its catalogue of registering solutions and unveils Stamphoto, an image certification application.

Stamphoto lets you take shots with a smartphone and provide them with legal value by a trusted third party certification. This app is a step towards a better communication and closer solutions offered by any user, business or administration.

The application is also used for communications between insurers and insured. It is also a useful tool for experts to certify by means of pictures and with legal validity, the situation they are assessing .Security and safety staff may use Stamphoto to get legal value images Likewise, any citizen can use the app to certify pictures.

Stamphoto provides a simple way to certify mishaps, or any damage you take with the phone. Download the application, register as a user, and start taking pictures. Once the picture is taken, the application geolocalizes it and certifies it by an internal process. The certificate issued by as trusted third party includes the image, the location coordinates and a time stamp that will serve as evidence in court, if necessary .All certificates are saved within the app, and you can download them. Sending them by e-mail is also possible.