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12 June 2014

Certidok and to introduce registered electronic

communications in Uruguay
  •  Certidok will commercialize registered electronic communications in Uruguay.
  • Registered electronic communications in Uruguay will bring changes in several processes and will replace handwritten signature, all with the same legal value.

Montevideo-Lleida June 4 2014 electronic communications arrive in Uruguay with a new partner: Certidok. Certidok is going to market all registered electronic communication services in the country.

On Wednesday, May 28, registered electronic communications were introduced in a breakfast meeting. In the brief, they offered a detailed explanation on how this type of communications will affect Uruguay: signing contracts on the move, sending acknowledgement telegrams, notarial certified deed, casualties’ records, and documentary evidence to support the law of corporate criminal liability.

The event, held at the Teatro Solis de Montevideo, and presented by Mr. Dario Leiserovic, Certidok Director, Mr.Sisco Sapena CEO and Mrs Giovanna Lorenzi, lawyer at KPMG Law.

Leiserovic explained the need to integrate services to expedite the processes of companies and added, "it is about replacing handwritten signature, keeping the same legal status."

Sapena was really enthusiastic about this new project in Uruguay. This project is outlined within internationalization and I am very pleased and satisfied with the established ties with Certidok team, he added.

Lorenzi, pointed out registered electronic communications legal framework in Uruguay, Law 18.600, in Uruguay, has provided effectiveness to electronic or digital document, whatever its support. Legally speaking, both registered SMS and registered e-mail represent documentary evidence As such; it is subject to the general scheme of all means of documentary evidence presented at trial (articles 165 to 176 of the CGP)”

More than a hundred business and local press attended the event showing great interest in this new legally binding system of electronic communications

This new partnership implies to a step forward in the company's strategy leading to open offices in nine countries during 2013, and expecting to grow in other 12 countries during 2014.


About Cerditok

Certidok started in late 2013 as a result of analysing global innovations and taking part in international events related to electronic signature. Certidok proposals involve revolutionizing Uruguayans customs and usages through the incorporation of new technologies.

Currently, Certidok is the sole and exclusive representative in Uruguay, offering legal certification in real time.