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9 September 2014 to take off certification of images with wearabl

e devices will be at Super mobility Week, September 9, 10 & 11, 2014, Sands Expo and Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV, booth #7119.

· unveils Stamphoto app for smartwatch and Google Glass.

· The application, both for Google Glass and Samsung Smartwatch, is aimed to speed and ease its use where circumstances so require, like precision tasks or during events.

· Super Mobility week is North America's largest forum for mobile innovation.

Las Vegas, 4 September 2014. will show up at CTIA's Super Mobility Week in Las Vegas, a world debut in the wearable technology, namely the certification of images. Henceforward, with a simple voice command we can get evidence of what we're seeing, thanks to Stamphoto application for Google Glass and Samsung Smartwatch.

Stamphoto registered images, give to the user evidence in advance from the pictures taken either with the smartphone or/and wearable device.

Google Glass though still emerging, enhances user experience bringing augmented reality. This new technology, called augmented reality, blurs the line between what's real and what's computer-generated changing how its users see the world. Certify images with this new device without lifting a finger. The app is intended for use with voice commands; useful for gaining time in the event of having to take a photograph of a sudden event, or at a professional level, for situations requiring the use of the hands, as for security officers or precision tasks.

On the other hand, smart watches are designed to provide easier access to many of the apps and services people already use on their smartphones and they are quite more affordable than Goggle glass. Stamphoto app in smartwatches allows being more nimble in situations which a considerable degree of speed, is required. Expedite the act of taking a picture, without pulling out your smartphone of your pocket and take the picture as if you were checking the time on your watch.

Stamphoto was introduced by during last year's Mobile World Congress, as a mobile app to certify images, taken with the phone, adding data geolocalization and a time stamp. The certificate issued by, acting as trusted third party includes the image, latitude and longitude coordinates and a time stamp that may be used as evidence before a court of law, if so required. The app is now  taking a  big leap forward wearable gadgets. development towards wearable technologies makes certification services available to use having always in mind the needs of the users. This attitude is to also to be found in the other services provided by the company: signing contracts on a tablet, signing contracts by registered email or registered SMS, electronic communications as evidence


Super Mobility Week has been attending CTIA tradeshow since 2006. This year attends Super Mobility Week powered by the CTIA in order to showcase the official launch of the applications to Samsung Smartwatch and Goggle glass as well as SMS Contract, Email Contract and Dealin9, their registered electronic contracting solutions.

CTIA-The Wireless Association® is creating the "Super Mobility Week" industry trade show, and brings together for the first time ever, the leading authorities on the connected life: the best of CTIA and MobileCON together in one show. CTIA 2014 illuminating the future of wireless and MobileCON offering mobile IT-specific programming. Super Mobility Week powered by CTIA is North America's largest forum for the mobile innovations that power your connected life. Thousands of mobile professionals and executives, 1,100+ exhibitors, as well as 1,000+ media and analysts from across the globe will gather in September for this powerhouse event.

The wearable technology revolution has already begun and we can take part at the Super Mobility Week, Sands Expo and Convention Center on September 9, 10 & 11 in Las Vegas.