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31 October 2016 posts EBIDTA growth of 361,000 euros in its thi

rd quarter
  • Sales exceeded 5,5 million through September and continue to grow up to 20% during the third quarter of 2015, therefore improving its margin during the period

Barcelona, 26 October 2016.-, the leading company in electronic notification and certification has attained a positive EBITDA of 361,000 euros, allowing the company to grow in a continuous, solid, balanced and profitable manner to achieve its goals for the year. These figures represent a 18% on the sales recorded, and an improvement of 257% over the third quarter on 2015.

 EBITDA amounted 91,000 euros in the first nine months of 2015. This positive evolution has allowed to pay losses and to obtain a profit before tax for the amount of 66,000 euros between July and September.

The results are a step forward in the company evolution, says Sisco Sapena, CEO of We have achieved a notable growth quarter over quarter, and at the same time, we have improved our gross margin. The work we are doing to launch our business in new markets, together with a strong control and monitoring over costs provides ground for optimism to achieve our goal so that we would to end the year with the right balance.

The gross margin during the third quarter is of 55% versus 40% the same period 2015. This improvement has been possible due to a change in the distribution of sales, focusing on registered communications together with data validation. Both business lines have increased the profitability. Moreover, R+D developments have contributed to price optimization both on the buying side and the selling side, thus increasing competitiveness.

During the first nine months of 2016, recorded sales of 5,5 million euros. Invoicing during the third quarter went up by 1,9 million euros, the largest quarterly business figures during the last year. The above mentioned figures, show that the commitment to strengthen international sales is working and paying off, due to the quarterly sustained growth in sales thanks to an increase both in number of clients and in existing consumptions. As far a business lines are concerned, we highlight the boost of registered electronic communications. They witnessed an increase of 52% compared to the same period last year. We should underline, the renewals of contracts with Bankinter, with Colombia Postal service and the new agreement with Zurich.

SMS solutions have contributed to surpass 2025 third quarters figures, moment in which national market started to drop. Data validation invoicing increased a 127% compared to the same quarter of 2015. is currently engaged in an international expansion plan, and has been granted the patent for its registered email in the USA. The company has appointed Manuel Gallo as Chief Operations Officer EMEAA (Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia). His experience takes place in technological companies like NEC or Verisign and has an expertise in a geographical area with high potential for our core business represents a strategic move for

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