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11 June 2018 to improve profit after 2017audit consolidated a

ccounts earnings before taxes amounted to 59,000 euros.

The auditor confirms the data advanced by the company in January.

Barcelona, April 23, 2018.-, a leading company in the field of certification and electronic notification, has improved its profit before tax of 2017 as they stated on January 22, after reviewing its consolidated annual accounts by the auditors. Specifically, the company recorded a result of 59,000 euros, compared to the 52,000 initially planned. The audit firm BDO has confirmed the data provided by to the market in January without detecting significant variations once its financial statements have been analysed. has improved its gross margin, from 52% estimated to 53.1%. SaaS (Software as a Service) activities have boost the gross margin, and that includes registered electronic communications and data validation, which experienced an increase of 28% compared to 2016.

Also, Ebitda has remained in line with the figure advanced and stood at 1.3 million euros, up to 143% more. The increase in profitability proves the strength of's strategy, based on innovation and globalization in key markets. The excellent performance of activity during 2017 allowed the company to be finish the year on a positive not since it was listed on MAB, in October 2015. This position has helped to generate a box of 389,000 euros that will be used to intensify the globalization of and to explore possible routes of inorganic growth.

In relation to the company's balance sheet, there has been a variation in the fixed assets segment that has its origin in R & D & I developments. The amount of 849,000 euros, have been reflected in the development of new services, such as identity validation through videoconferencing. On the other hand, sales turnover has increased slightly compared to the communication made in January, maintaining the payment terms and stood at 9.9 million euros. Finally, the net debt of in 2017 remained at 2.4 million euros.

These results, have reaffirm position as the first registering operator in Spain. has been granted 70 patents in the area of electronic certification throughout the world. In 2017 it has obtained patents in Europe and the Gulf Cooperation Council (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates), as well as in the USA, Colombia, China, Australia, Japan New Zealand, Taiwan and South Africa.


Currently the company is listed on the Spanish Alternative Stock Market and is a leading company in the field of electronic notification and electronic contracting. The company created in 1995,has two more business lines, namely Messaging solutions and identity.  The telecom operator has signed agreements with more than 1000 companies in more than 150 countries managed from their 16 international headquarters. Its solutions and services are used in enterprises, public administration, and SME's.

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