Press releases

15 November 2018

Botswana Post, the national postal operator in Botswana, to

distribute (BME: LLN) products

Madrid, 15 November.- The Spanish registered electronic services company (BME: LLN) has reached an agreement with Botswana Post to distribute its products.This new agreement will allow, a listed MAB company since 2015, to provide to the African country, where the Botswana has already been created.

In the market research carried out before this expansion, a considerable number of companies expressed interest in using the services offered by the company, already in trade talks with companies in the Banking, Insurance, Pension Funds, Operators Telecommunications and Public Sector.

The business areas in which the company will start working are digital signatures and electronic contracting. Among the companies using it are the National Pension Fund, the largest bank in the country and the largest credit companies in Botswana, who will start testing next month allowing the Spanish company to provide service to more than two million of people in Africa.

This agreement will strengthen the presence of in Africa, as well as its projection in one of the continents that will grow strongly in the coming years.

"This new project in Botswana is an indication on how important is for us the expansion in the African continent. This is a fantastic opportunity to grow and help the companies of the country" stated the CEO of, Sisco Sapena, referring to new agreement signed with Botswana Post.

According to the Sales Manager of Botswana Post, Tumelo Seabo, the partnership with "will complement our strategic vision and revolutionize the local market experience in relation to electronic business communication requirements".

In 2014, the Madrid-based company started operating in Africa with the opening of its first two branches in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

The opening of these two African offices was a step towards the company to implement services in other African countries: Swaziland, Lesotho, Namibia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya and Ghana.

In first nine months of the year, sales exceeded 9.3 million euros, with an EBITDA of over 1.4 million euros, 43% in the same period of 2017.

At yesterday´s closing, the market value was 0.95 euros per share and the capitalization of the company was 15.25 million euros. The company's shares have been revalued by 41.79 percent since the beginning of the year.