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7 January 2019

Mexico grants a new patent for its method of reg

istered email

Madrid, 7 January .- The Mexican Federal Authorities have granted (BME: LLN; EURONEXT: ALLLN) a new patent for its Method for the registration and certification of receipt of electronic mail.

This patent, granted by The Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI) is currently in force for a 20-year period.

It is first patent granted in Mexico on certification and notification methods as well as of digital witness for electronic contracting and electronic notification.

The IT company, listed both in Alternative Stock Market (MAB) in Madrid and in Euronext Growth in Paris, has over 75 patents granted worldwide. 

These include countries such as the US, the EU, Colombia, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the Gulf Cooperation Council. 

These concessions have become the cornerstone of its internationalization policy, currently allowing to offer a suite of digital services that covers a potential market of 2,900 million people.

Currently, over 70 countries recognize the legal validity of electronic methods to certify legal notifications in contracting processes.

"The e-signature market will become a market of 9,000 million euros within four years, and our strategic approach will involve continuing to work on a consistent basis and taking further steps towards the same direction”, stated Sisco Sapena, CEO of the company.

The shares of closed the first trading week of the year with a historical maximum price of 1,25 euros on Euronext and a value of 0,93 euros on the MAB.