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25 January 2019 increases 25% turnover in 2018 and accumulates

10Q with positive EBITDA

During 2018 the company had a turnover of 25% more than in 2017, well above 12.3 million euros.

The gross margin exceeded six million euros, 15% more than in the previous period.

EBITDA reaches 1.8 million euros and represents 15% of sales, reflecting an increase of 32% compared to 2017. accumulates 10 consecutive quarters with positive EBITDA

Madrid 22 January.- The technological service company recorded in 2018 a turnover of 12.36 million euros, a 25% more than last year.

In 2018, the company's gross margin amounted to 6.021 billion euros, a 15% more than in 2017.

The Operating Result of increased by 99% during fiscal year 2018, up to 536,000 euros.

The EBIDTA during 2018 to 1.86 million euros, over 32% growth above 2017. Thus, has ten consecutive quarters with positive profit before taxes.

The sales of the Interconnection Wholesale business line were of 6.6 million euros, that of Software as a Service solutions of three million euros and that of SMS was 2.66 million euros.

The increase in wholesale sales is due both to the automation of processes and the increase in international agreements.


During 2017, the company's net financial debt decreased by 500,000 euros, standing at 1.9 million.

The reduction of the indebtedness is defined both by the cash generation of the company itself, as well as by the exhaustive control of the expenditures and investments item.


During 2018, became the first Spanish company to quote on a dual basis in MAB and in Euronext Growth. 

Likewise, during 2018, the company became the first and the only Spanish supplier and the sixth in Europe to obtain the type approval of qualified electronic registered delivery service of the EIDAS regulation.


The growth strategy of in the e-signature market goes through an aggressive policy of growth in terms of intellectual property. So far, the number of patents granted worldwide on certification methods reaches 103. 

Currently, over 70 countries recognize the legal validity of electronic methods to certify legal notifications in contracting processes.

In 2018, the workforce of increased from 58 to 70 people, representing a 21% increase. The company's human resources policy focused on strengthening the technical and R & D departments, and on the creation of the new department of Intellectual Property (IP).

The current capitalization of the company exceeds 16 million euros. In the foreclosing of the market the share reached 1.01 euros in MAB and 1.12 euros in Euronext Growth.