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21 May 2019 strengthens its bid for the Healthcare sector in

Colombia in a conference on digital transformation

The company will hold a conference on 22-23 May at the ICEX offices in Bogotá to develop a project on digital transformation.

The event will be attended by the director of Digital Government of the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications of the Executive of Colombia, Carlos Rozo, as well as by the managers of the most important hospitals in the country.

The Spanish listed company has more than 120 customers in Colombia, from the public sector and over 60 from the private sector.

Bogotá, 20  May .- The technological services company (BME: LLN; EPA: ALLLN) will hold a conference about digital transformation in health care in Bogota on 22-23May .The Digital Government of the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications Colombia, Carlos Rozo and the managers of the most important hospitals in the country will attend.

Organized by and Pol Colombia, an expert in printing solutions, the conference will be held at the offices of ICEX Spain Export and Investment in Bogotá and will cover issues related to digitization, identity validation, the Carbon 14 regulation, paper 0 policy at hospitals, safe medical diagnosis and challenges in the health sector in Colombia.

Likewise, the attendees will see how a digital accreditation process is carried out upon arrival to the event, a video identification of, a data processing consent signature from the technology services company and a medical test with a new device for hospitals, among others.

"This event is very important for since the health sector in the country represents a very interesting business opportunity. Identity fraud has led to the need to sign in person and our goal is to digitize the process, "says Pablo Gracia, Chief eLatam Officer at has more than 180 clients in Colombia, with a subsidiary in Colombia since 2014, has more than 120 clients from the public sector and another 60 from the private sector, which positions the company as one of the best in South America the field of communications certification.

The growth strategy of in the e-signature market goes through an aggressive policy of growth in terms of intellectual property. So far, the number of patents granted worldwide on certification methods reaches 104. 

Over 70 countries recognize the legal validity of electronic methods to certify legal notifications in contracting processes.

During 3Q 2019, continues to pursue its growth plan, with an increase in personnel by 14%, (reaching 71 people). The staff recruited has focused not only on Latin America sales force, with recent resources in Peru, Colombia and Mexico but also with the incorporation of higher qualifications degrees and engineering profiles.