Universal signature Validator Certificate (USVC)

Qualified service to validate the electronic signatures of a document, providing validation of any given type of file.

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Rubert & Partners

We can provide more professional, seamless services thanks to Universal Certificates certificate. Lleida.net comprehensive service to validate electronically signed documents.

Maria Rubert, Rubert & Partners CEO

How can the Universal Signature Validator Certificate help you?

USVC makes it easy to validate electronic signatures. It also generates evidence documentation electronically signed by us as a qualified service provider (TSP) that certifies that the validation has been carried out, the result of the validation (validating all the elements that must make up an electronic signature) and the time at which the validation was carried out.

Reasons to use Lleida.net's universal validator of electronic signatures

Key uses

Examples where electronic signatures validation can be used

Professional and advisory services

Service contracts
Authorisations and consents
Statements and certifications: tax returns, compliance certificates, etc.
Submitting reports and regulatory documentation
Documents related to professional registration and accreditation


Contracts and agreements
Internal documents: policies and procedures, human resources forms, application forms, etc.
Financial documents: checks, payment orders, and documents related to fund management and transactions.
Regulatory and legal documents: reports, license applications, etc.
Authorizations and consents: authorizations to use personal data and permissions to perform specific actions.

Banking and Fintech

Loan agreements
Account opening: contracts, terms and conditions, and account application forms.
Transfers and payments
Investment agreements
Financial services agreements
Authorisations and service applications: credit cards, mortgage loans, check books, or online services.


Enrolment and admissions: application forms, enrolment agreements, and student contracts.
Contracts and agreements
Academic documents and certificates
Employment contracts
Student exchange agreements


Informed consents: medical procedures, treatments, surgical interventions, etc.
Medical records and files
Medical test reports and results: laboratory tests, X-rays, MRI scans, etc
Medical certificates

Public administration

Birth certificates
Death certificates
Marriage certificates
Divorce certificates
Property deeds
Powers of attorney
Tax returns


Service contracts
Provider agreements
Changes to service plans
Request for portability
Payment authorisations
Regulatory documents: compliance reports
Signatures of legal representatives
USVC in detail

USVC in detail

For those who want to learn more about our service, we have a micro site dedicated to the universal digital signature certificate validator. Here, you can find detailed information about all the features of the product.

Visit the site

About USVC

Using our USVC service is as simple as sending an email and requires no integration.


How to validate document signatures

Validating the electronic signatures of a document is as easy as sending the file by email to the address [email protected]

The documentary evidence

The result of the validation

Shortly after sending the file, you will receive the documentary evidence with the result of the global validation and of each signature.

Try it for free!

Try it for free!

For free trial, just send the electronically signed document to [email protected]. Up to 5 tests without registration.


To validate 1 document = 7 credits