Notas de prensa

18 mayo 2020

11 EU countries grant 18 new patents.

Madrid, 18 May .- 11 European countries have awarded the Spanish company (BME: LLN; EPA: ALLLN), almost simultaneously, 18 patents for its  innovations in the field of registered electronic communications
The grants, which correspond to the national adoption of two patents granted to the Spanish company by the European Patent Office in early 2019, are valid for 20 years.
According to the company's estimates, these patents will report to additional income worth more than 20 million euros in the next two decades.
Thus, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Monaco, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom have granted patents for the invention called “Registered email method with qualified electronic signature.”
On the other hand, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Monaco, Switzerland, the UK, Slovakia, Poland and Lithuania have recognized the "Method for the certification of electronic mail with electronic signature recognized by a telecommunications' operator " created by the Spanish company.
Currently, there are more than 130 patents that the company has received in the eSignature sector, where it is already one of the leading companies in Europe. All have been designed and signed by the CEO and founder of the company, Sisco Sapena.
"These new 18 patents strengthen our position in the eSignature sector in Europe, and shows that is ready to be one of the main players in the foreseeable future ," said Sapena,

Along with internationalization and a firm commitment to innovation, the development of intellectual property is one of the pillars of growth for the company, whose shares have increased by 170% so far this year.
The method allows automated registration and certification of receipt of email, generating a digital proof of this.
It can be used as evidence in court to attest receipt, content, delivery and non-tampering of the information and the message.
This technology has been used by La Liga to market its licences since early 2020.
Currently, over 70 countries recognize the legal validity of electronic methods to certify legal notifications in contracting processes., which is dual listed on the Alternative Stock Market (MAB) and Euronext Growth in Paris, was recognized as the first Spanish company to obtain the type approval receive the type approval of qualified electronic registered delivery service of the EIDAS regulation
Recently, it announced the award of new patents in Russia, Chile and South Korea.
One of the companies that has grown the most in the stock market in Spain and France so far this year, has already registered a market capitalization of 43.3 million euros.