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9 junio 2020 to distribute its first-ever dividends

Madrid, 9 June - The General Shareholder's' Meeting of (BME: LLN, EURONEXT: ALLLN) has approved its first dividend distribution.
At the General Shareholders' Meeting, which was held electronically due to current health emergency, those shareholders who were present, corresponding to 67% of the company's capital, have agreed to distribute one net euro cent per share.

It represents an amount close to 160,000 euros, corresponding to the approximately 16 million shares of the company passing through the Alternative Stock Market in Madrid, and in Euronext Growth, in Paris.

The distribution will take place on June 25, 2020. All those who are shareholders of the company on June 22 will be entitled to receive dividends.

The decision has been made as a consequence of the recommendation announced by the Board on 26 March.

“In addition to being a historic moment for, being able to announce the first dividend distribution since we started trading in 2015 is an honour, and represents a recognition to all those shareholders who have supported the company team throughout our history ”, explained Sisco Sapena, who founded the company 25 years ago.

"We are confident that we will continue to distribute dividends to our shareholders year after year, from now on," he added. has subsidiaries in 19 countries and has become in recent years one of the main European players in the field of digital signature.
The sector has experienced tremendous growth in the last two months, since due to the  lockdown caused by the pandemic has forced millions many people have not been able to sign documents in person, so companies have moved to digital.

Since the beginning of the year, the company has reinforced its R&D to incorporate new capabilities in contracting and electronic notifications, and it  has more than 130 patents worldwide that consolidate this position.

Currently, more than 75 countries recognize the validity of electronic procedures for contracting and notification processes.

At the General Meeting, the annual accounts of the company for 2019 were also approved, the management of the management team was approved and the appointment of Beatriz García Torre as executive director of the company was ratified.