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4 septiembre 2020 to sign with Credicorp Capital in Latam to prov

ide eKYC services locally

Madrid, 4 September.- The Latin American financial entity Credicorp Capital has contracted for its digital onboarding (eKYC) services, registered electronic contracting and notification.

The eKYC onboarding service is developed by (BME: LLN; EPA: ALLLN)and it allows identification by videoconference with a mobile phone or a computer, each time a new client joins a financial institution as a customer.

The system, developed by the company's R&D division, records the video session, requires the user to provide identification documents, verifies its integrity, allows a document to be signed electronically andit  generates a documentary evidence providing all the data, thus making the process totally safe.

Credicorp Capital is the result of the merger of three leading institutions in Latin America: Credicorp Capital Peru (former BCP Capital), Credicorp Capital Colombia (former Correval) and Credicorp Capital Chile (former IM Trust).

"We are proud that Credicorp has selected us to digitize and improve the security of its contracting process. We believe that, as a result of this agreement, our strength in the region will be stronger than ever, "said Sisco Sapena, CEO and founder of the company.

Proprietary system is used and implemented in organizations with remote identification and contracting needs globally, such as banks, insurance companies and regulatory bodies.

It is devoted to providing financial advisory services, especially in the areas of Corporate Finance, Asset and Wealth Management, and Capital Markets. has a significant presence in Latin America, with  hundreds of clients, and it provides digital signature services for postal services in Colombia.

Likewise, it is the holder of patents for its innovations in terms of  electronic contracting and notification in several countries of the region.

Globally, the company has been granted 185 patents on online certification, notification, receipt and contracting methods.

Currently, more than 70 countries already recognize the legal validity of's electronic methods as a way to attest legal notifications in contracting processes.