Notas de prensa

8 septiembre 2020

The Registrar of Industrial Property of Perú (INDECOPI) to

grant a new trademark.

Madrid,8  September.- The Registrar of Industrial Property of Perú  (INDECOPI) has granted a new registered trademark that covers eKYC  (Know Your Customer) services from (BME:LLN;EPA:ALLLN) in Peru.

The eKYC onboarding service is a 100% digital system, developed by that allows the identification by videoconference with a cell phone or computer, when a new client joins a financial institution as a client.

The system, developed by the company's R&D division, records the video session, requires the user to provide identification documents, verifies its integrity, allows a document to be signed electronically and generates a certificate for the entire transaction, making the process totally secure.

Last august, the Peruvian Superintendency of Securities Markets also selected eKYC Onboarding service to enhance reliability to the  registration process of new stockbrokers registrations in Perú

Currently, more than 70 countries recognize methods as valid to attest legal notices in contracting processes.

 Considered to be the European leader in the industry of digital signature the company has been granted 185 patents worldwide on methods of electronic certification, notification, reception and contracting

Last month, announced its intention to be listed in October in the New York Stock Exchange, in the OTCQX segment of the OTC Markets.

To this end, the  General Shareholders'Meeting of the Company will meet on September 14 to vote and, if necessary, approve this new listing.