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14 septiembre 2020 shareholders approve its listing in New York's O


Madrid, September 14th -'s General Shareholders Meeting approved today its listing in New York's OTC Markets Group, and specifically its OTCQX segment.

The meeting approved the said listing with the support of 99.86% of the votes representing at the meeting.

The company will officially communicate today its request to be listed, and expects its securities to be trading there before the country's next presidential election. 

The company is currently listed on the BME Growth of the Madrid Stock Exchange and on Euronext Growth of the Paris Stock Exchange.

After this third IPO, shares will be traded in a segment that gathers around 500 international companies and that capitalizes 1,4 trillion dollars.

It will also become the only Spanish company listed in those three markets at the same time.

" is going to become a world leader in our sector, and we are working to make it also a truly important player in the global scenario in the digital signature industry", explained Sisco Sapena, CEO and founder of the company.

"The listing in New York is going to be an important step in increasing the company's visibility in the U.S. market and facilitating access to new investors," he added.

On July 31, the Board of Directors of the listed company approved the request to its shareholders for authorization to go public in New York., which has increased its stock value in Euronext Growth and BME Growth over 800% this year, considers that starting to quote in the United States market will make it easier for a bigger number of international investors to access the company's capital.

Likewise, this new listing in the OTCQX coincides with a new stage in its international business strategy.

The company plans to make new investments to increase its operational presence in the United States.

Throughout 2020, the company has consolidated its position as the most liquid in the Spanish alternative market, with accumulated trading volumes of more than 100 million euros, which is already 50 times more than the total for 2019., which has consolidated in 2020 as the main provider of digital signature services and certified electronic contracting and notification processes in Europe.

The company has an international patent portfolio that exceeds 185, which have been granted by the intellectual property authorities of countries such as the United States, the European Union, China, Russia, India, Mexico, Japan, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, South Africa, Nigeria, Australia and New Zealand.

Currently, some 70 countries recognize the legal validity of the Spanish company's electronic methods as a means of certifying legal notices in contracting processes.