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18 septiembre 2020 has reached an agreement with Portuguese technol

ogy giant NOS and will start commercializing its services in Portugal

Madrid, Lisbon, 18 of September 2020.- Spanish eSignature company (BME:LLN;EPA:ALLLN) has reached an agreement with Portuguese technology giant 

NOS Comunicações, S.A (NOS.LS) for the commercialization of its services in the Portuguese market.

After this agreement, NOS will become's strategic partner in Portugal and will commercialize its Electronic Registered Communication Services in the country.

These Registered Communication Services add unprecedented value to the use of SMS, Email and other ways of electronic communications, providing full legal admissibility, without any technology complexities, to the mainly used channels for communication among businesses and citizens.

NOS will mainly focus on delivering Registered SMS and Registered Contracts from, even though it will offer the rest of the Spanish company's services portfolio.

It will mainly target Public Sector, Financial Services, Insurers and Energy sectors in Portugal. 

These Registered Communication Services will be available for NOS and any other telecom operator customers.

With this agreement, NOS will become the first telecommunications operator in Portugal registered as a delegated "Qualified Trust Service Provider".

The agreement execution is subject to formal approval from the Portuguese GNS – Gabinete Nacional de Segurancounts on approval by the Portuguese National Security Cabinet (Gabinete Nacional de Segurança- GNS), with NOS becoming "the first local provider of Qualified Electronic Registered Delivery Services in Portugal".

"This agreement demonstrates we have taken an ultimate step into consolidating our position in Portugal, at a time when all markets need simple, legal, economical and fast to implement alternatives for digitalizing their business processes, where Electronic Registered Communications play a fundamental role", explained Sisco Sapena, founder and CEO.

NOS is the most extensive communications and entertainment group in Portugal. It offers state-of-the-art fixed and mobile solutions, television, internet, voice and data for all market segments. NOS trades in the main index in Euronext Lisbon (PSI-20), and has 4.8 million mobile customers, 1.6 million television customers, 1.8 million fixed telephone customers and 1.4 million internet customers.

With around ten million subscribers, it is the owner of premium YV channel TVCine and does have a participation of 25% in the TV networks Sport TV.

It also operates four media channels in a joint venture with AMC Networks International Southern Europe.

According to Manuel Ramalho Eanes, President of the Board Director of NOS: "This partnership reinforces our commitment to building a Digital Society, at the same time we deliver a service of excellence. With this Electronic Registered Communication Services, NOS is directly investing in creating more efficient conditions for Portuguese companies to face the challenges of digital transformation".

In 2019, NOS registered operating income of 641 million euro and total revenue of 1,590 million euro. Its assets are above 3,000 million euro.

After increasing its value above 800% during this year, stock value surpassed 150 million euro at markets closing yesterday.

The Patents portfolio includes 185 Patents granted globally over registration, notification, reception and contracting online.

Its methods are admitted as valid to register and certify legal notifications in contracting processes by authorities of approx. 75 countries.

The company recently approved last Monday it being listed in New York, specifically in the OTCQX segment of the OTC Markets.