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29 septiembre 2020

Randstat Portugal signs on's registered communic

ations services

Madrid, 29 September - The Portuguese subsidiary of Randstad, one of the largest human resources companies worldwide, has signed on the digital registered communications services provided by (BME:LLN;EPA:ALLLN) to manage its labour contracts. 

The company, of Dutch origin, is present in five continents and in 38 countries.'s technology allows the company to act as EU-homologated company and digital witness, generating documentary evidence and that can be used as proof of communication with total legal validity.

"The context that resulted in from the COVID-19 pandemic have lead to a progressive and accelerated adoption of digital certified contracting notification services in the industries of human resources and of 'labortech'. We continue to provide service to multinational companies as the result of an internationalization policy that we will continue to insist on," explained Sisco Sapena,'s CEO.

Currently, about 70 countries recognize the legal validity of the electronic methods of the Spanish company as a way to certify legal notices.  

The company, founded 25 years ago, has 185 patents granted worldwide on methods of electronic registered communications.

The company's patent portfolio, whose titles are traded on the Madrid Stock Exchange and on Euronext Growth in Paris, is already one of the largest in the eSignature industry worldwide. Recently, the company's board approved the listing of's in New York OTCQX. At yesterday's market closure, the company's shares were traded in Madrid at 8.20 euros.

The company has a capitalization of more than 130 million euros.