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2 diciembre 2020

South African Post to use services to send Johan

nesburg citizens more than 10 million registered electronic communications per year.

Madrid, 2 December  - South African Post Office, the national postal service of South Africa will use (BME:LLN) (EPA:ALLLN) (OTCQX:LLEIF) technology to send more than 10 million registered electronic communications per year to the citizens of Johannesburg, the country's largest city.

These registered electronic communications will be used by the municipal government of the city, with a total population of about one million people, to send information regarding local taxes or the payment of services

The service will be provided through the Zaliwa TA Dijithali, which is the distributor of the Spanish company in the country and agent of South African Post Office.

According to South African law, communications made via registered electronic platforms are valid, provided they are made through the state-owned company.

"South Africa represents a key market for Our alliance with South African Post Office will allow us to send millions of registered messages more every year, reinforce our international proposal and give a bigger and better service to the main economy of the continent", explained Sisco Sapena, CEO of . 

Thanks to's technology, Johannesburg citizens will be able to consult their account statements from anywhere and pay taxes and bills immediately without fear of delays in the mail service.

According to Johannesburg city government sources, "this digital signature option has come at the best possible time due to the challenges we have faced during the COVID-19 global crisis, and we are very impressed by South African Post's move to digital space in such a short period".

The agreement will be extended to other cities in the country in the coming months. Currently, the state-owned South African Post Office employs more than 16,400 people and has over 1,400 post offices throughout the country., which is listed in New York, Paris and Madrid, is the leading European company in the digital signature industry.

It has 192 patents granted worldwide for its certified electronic notification and contracting methods.

More than 50 countries on five continents have recognized the company's inventions, including the United States, the European Union, Japan, China, Australia and New Zealand.

Its electronic notification and contracting services are recognized as valid before the courts and public administrations of more than 75 countries.