Notas de prensa

15 marzo 2021

Asepeyo and Unión de Mutuas award two registered

electronic notification contracts
Madrid, 15 March - Spanish public health companies Asepeyo and Unión de Mutuas have awarded two contracts to (BME:LLN) (OTCQX:LLEIF) (EPA:ALLLN), which will use the company's service to reliably manage communications with their customers.
From now on, both mutuals will use's services to notify any type of information to their members and clients.

These two new contracts confirm the growing trend that shows that public administrations are increasingly using electronic notification services provided to communicate with citizens.

At this point, is now the official provider of registered electronic communications for public companies all over the world, including the national postal services of the United Arab Emirates, Colombia, South Africa and Zambia.

"The contracts signed with Asepeyo and Unión de Mutuas point that's technology is starting to gain ground among public administrations", Sisco Sapena, CEO and founder of the company, said.

"In the same way as private companies, the public sector has started to replace classic methods with electronic notification and contracting procedures such as those developed and patented by", he added.

According to's own analysis, the penetration of certified electronic communications services by governments could increase fourfold by 2021.

Asepeyo, Mutua Colaboradora con la Seguridad Social, has an own extensive organisation present in all the autonomous communities and more than 3,300 professionals on its staff.

Among its delegations, it has 142 care centres, four hospitals, five rehabilitation centres, two occupational health and safety centres and 15 customer service offices.

The Unión de Mutuas is present in ten Autonomous Communities in Spain., which is traded on OTCQX in New York, Euronext Growth in Paris and BME Growth in Madrid, is the European leader in its industry.

The company offers its services to numerous companies in the financial, banking and insurance sectors, as well as to public administrations.'s market cap is around eighty million euros. 
With 100 employees, is one of the European leaders in the registered electronic notification, contracting and signature industry.

It holds more than 203 patents in e-contracting and e-notification, and its intellectual property portfolio is one of the largest in the industry worldwide.

Four of these patents have been granted by the Spanish authorities themselves.

With more than 3,000 shareholders, the company, which has operations in 19 countries, has become the leading European player in the sector in recent years.

Today, its patented methods are recognised as valid for certifying legal notifications in procurement processes by authorities in more than 70 countries.