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6 abril 2021 SaaS line of business grew up to 500 per cent in

the last two years announced today traffic data for all of its SaaS lines for the first quarter of 2021. processed 3.7 million registered emails during the period.

Client workflows using's SaaS technology grew by 64.85 per cent during the first quarter of the year.


Madrid, 6 April.-'s (BME:LLN) (EPA:ALLLN) (OTCQX:LLEIF) SaaS services grew up to 500 per cent in the last two years, as a result of new contracts signed worldwide and changing digital habits created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The company announced today production data for the first quarter of 2021, which shows a significant increase as compared to the same quarter in 2020 and 2019.

During the period, traffic volume grew for all of its SaaS products, especially for the Click&Sign API product, which allows corporates to electronically and reliably process contracts on a mass scale. 

In 2020, SaaS services grew by 59 per cent to EUR 5.69 million. By 2021, the company expects the line to account for more than fifty per cent of its revenues for the first time. originally went public in Madrid in 2015 to finance the expansion of its SaaS line.


The number of Click&Sign API signature circuits has multiplied by 64.85 per cent during the first quarter of 2021, compared to the first quarter of 2020, and grew 3.6-fold in the last two years.

Throughout the first quarter of 2021, traffic for this product rose by 259.96 per cent, correlated to the first quarter of 2020, and has increased fivefold in the last two years.


During the first quarter of 2021, has facilitated sending 3.7 million registered emails, which have legal validity as reliable proof of any agreement or transaction.

This figure represents an advance of 121.65 per cent compared to data from the first quarter of 2020. Since 2019, the use of's registered email has increased fourfold.

This traffic originates mainly from insurance companies and, as well as government bodies, in Europe and Latin America.

REGISTERED SMS TRAFFIC ROSE BY 86.09% IN THE FIRST QUARTER OF 2021's registered SMS traffic increased by 86.09 per cent during the first quarter of 2021, compared to the same period in 2020. 

In this period, the company has sent more than 1.1 million registered SMS, from less than 600,000 in the first quarter of last year.

The traffic comes mainly from European insurance companies and financial institutions, but also from South Africa, where's technology is used by public administrations to claim tax payments.

The number of Registered SMS Contracts grew by 99.25 per cent in 2021 compared to 2020, chiefly driven by their use by electricity and water companies in Spain and Europe.'s SaaS services are billed per transaction and on-demand, and the company serves thousands of companies in all segments of the population.

EUROPEAN LEADER IN THE INDUSTRY is already the European leader in the field of registered electronic notification and contracting.

It has more than 200 patents in the field, granted by more than 50 countries in the five continents, and its intellectual property portfolio is one of the most important in the industry worldwide.

Currently, more than 75 countries recognize the legal validity of its electronic methods as a means of certifying legal notices in procurement processes.

Its stocks trade on the OTCQX Best Market index in New York, Euronext Growth in Paris and BME Growth in Madrid.