Notas de prensa

21 abril 2022

The Dominican Republic authorizes to provide sev

en new certified electronic communications services.

Madrid, April 21.- The Board of Directors of the Dominican Institute of Telecommunications

(INDOTEL) has recognized (BME:LLN) (EPA:ALLLN) (OTCQX:LLEIF) as a company authorized to provide seven certified electronic communication services, consolidating its position as the market leader in this Latin American country.

Specifically, INDOTEL, a government institution in the country, has authorized to provide services for the Generation and Issuance of Qualified Digital Certificates, Qualified Electronic Seals, or Advanced Electronic Signatures, among others.

In September 2020, the Spanish-listed company became the first and only company accredited in the country to offer certified communications services. is a market leader in different Latin American countries in the certified electronic signature, notification, and contracting industry. This results from years of work and investment in our company's technological capacity," explained Sisco Sapena, CEO of and its founder.

Nowadays, more than 70 countries recognize's electronic methods as valid to certify legal notices in contracting processes.

More than 60 countries in the five continents have granted 205 patents to the company, including the European Union, United States, China, Russia, India, Mexico, Japan, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, South Africa, Nigeria, Australia, and New Zealand. has been recognized in the Dominican Republic since the end of 2019 as an SMS and fixed telephony operator.

It has a patent for its method for the registration and certification of email, granted by the National Office of Property Industry of the Dominican Republic (ONAPI).

In the region, the company has significant operations in Colombia and Peru.

The company already has one of the largest intellectual property portfolios in the electronic signature, notification, and contracting sector worldwide. 

For, R&D, internationalization, and commitment to intellectual property are pillars of its medium-term strategy. is listed on the OTCQX index in New York, Euronext Growth in Paris, and BME Growth in Madrid.