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24 octubre 2022's sales grew by 25 percent in the first nine mon

ths of 2022

Madrid, 24 October  - The Spanish-listed company (BME:LLN) (EPA:ALLLN) (OTCQX:LLEIF) has recorded a 25 percent growth in sales in the first nine months of 2022, according to data presented to the market today.
In the January-September period of this year, cumulative sales now stand at €15.7 million.
Meanwhile, in quarterly terms, sales in the third quarter of the year grew by 21 percent, up to 5.17 million euros, compared to the same period last year. returned to profit in this period, and its EBITDA increased by 44 percent compared to the same period last year.
In the quarter, the company earned 109,000 euros before taxes.
On a cumulative basis, as of September 30, the company's EBITDA is slightly below that recorded in 2021, down six percent: €1.47 million versus the €1.57 million recorded in the first three quarters of 2021.


In the first nine months of 2022, all the company's business lines saw an increase in their turnover volumes, attesting to the solidity of the company's business model.

SaaS sales now account for 39 percent of the group's total sales, and sales of hybrid products have soared by 134 percent.

The contract line (which includes both standard products such as Click & Sign Standard, contact email and contract SMS, and more complex products such as Click & Sign Pro) grew by four percent in the first nine months of 2022, compared with the same period in 2021, to €2.4 million.

The notification line sales (including the registered email and registered SMS products) increased by 15 percent through September 30, to €1.76 million - and by 24 percent in the third quarter, to €642,000.

The recently announced renewal agreement with the Colombian postal services company, 4-72, and the acquisition of new accounts, will be the focus of growth in both the notification and contract lines.

SMS sales have reached 2.8 million euros in cumulative figures, a 38 percent growth compared to 2021. The higher volume of SMS traffic drove the change. In the third quarter, the increase was four percent due to the seasonal nature of this sales, boosted by commercial campaigns.

Similarly, Wholesale line sales followed the same growth trend, with a 15 percent increase in cumulative figures and a 14 percent increase in the third quarter of the year, compared to the same quarter of 2021.

Traffic has been boosted thanks to the events being organized, and the destinations and the quality of service offered by makes a difference in an increasingly competitive market.

INCREASE IN THE NUMBER OF CUSTOMERS has managed in these three quarters to increase the number of different customers to whom an invoice has been sent, with an increase of 9 percent of the customer portfolio, compared to the same quarter of 2021.
Likewise, the average billing invoice continues to increase by 11 percent compared to the accumulated data as of the third quarter of 2021.

In geographical terms, the international percentage of the company's sales continues to grow. Sales outside Spain now account for 57 percent of turnover, particularly relevant in the European and Latin American markets, where the company has a strong presence in Colombia and Peru.

In the third quarter, Net Financial Debt increased by 312,000 euros, following the signing of a new loan agreement for 700,000 thousand euros, at variable interest.

In addition, the group has reduced the remaining debt positions with financial institutions due to the periodic amortization of loans.

EUROPEAN LEADER IN THE INDUSTRY is the European leader in the registered electronic signature, notification, and contracting industry. With more than 215 patents received from more than 64 countries worldwide, it holds one of the largest Intellectual Property portfolios in its field in the world.

More than 60 countries in five continents have recognized the company, including the European Union, United States, China, Russia, India, Mexico, Japan, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, South Africa, Nigeria, Australia, and New Zealand. is listed on the OTCQX index in New York, Euronext Growth in Paris, and BME Growth in Madrid.