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6 abril 2020

Chile grants a patent for its registered electro

nic contract method

Madrid, 6 April .- The Chilean authorities have granted a new patent for its method of generating registered  electronic contracts, a technology that allows  to use an email to sign legally valid contracts in just a few seconds.

The patent, which is the second granted to by the National Institute of Industrial Property (INAPI) of Chile, is valid for 20 years.

Electronically signed contracts with this Spanish company technology , a dual  listed company on the Alternative Stock Market (MAB) and on Euronext Growth, can be presented as evidence in court to proof  the sending, content, delivery and the  acceptance.

 Likewise, the technology, proves that neither the content nor the information collected in these documents has been tampered

In Latin America, the company has significant operations in  Colombia, where provides service to 4-72 (Servicios Postales Nacionales), among other clients, and in Peru, where it works for Compartamos Financiera. is also a telecommunications' operator in other countries of  the region, such as the Dominican Republic. 

"Our estimate is that the Latin American electronic contracting and notification industry is going to be so important in the immediate future that effective telematic tools are needed, and we continue to develop the technology necessary to do so," explained Sisco Sapena, CEO and founder of 

The company founded 25 years ago, already has more than 110 patents on certification methods granted worldwide, and more than 70 countries acknowledge the legal validity of electronic methods  to certify legal notifications in contracting processes.

The company strengthened its Research and Development to support new products to reinforce the validity of digital business communications in recent weeks.

Last week, the company renewed its ISO 27001 on information security.