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9 noviembre 2020

Generali to engage' electronic registered servi

ces to contract, and notify its insurance policies

Madrid, 10 November - The  Insurance company Generali Spain has engaged's  notification and electronic contracting services to manage its insurance policies, which is currently listed in New York, Madrid and Paris, is a European leader in the digital signature industry. It provides  its services to  financial, banking and insurance sectors 

"Due to its size and market share, Generali will become a key customer for The global  health emergency situation  has changed behaviour patterns in the insurance industry, and we are constantly developing solutions to ensure their business continuity," explained Sisco Sapena, CEO of the company, founded in 1995.

Generali is one of the main players in the Spanish insurance market with more than 2,000 employees and one of the largest networks of advisers in the country, with more than 1,600 service offices and 10,000 professionals.

The insurance solutions offered by Generali cover both Life products (from savings insurances and pensions plans to UnitLinked products) and Non-Life (Cars, Home, Accidents, death insurance, etc)

The new socio-economic environment and the new habits caused by the Covid-19 pandemic make it difficult to use classic delivery methods, signature of notifications and contracts due to the refusal to do it in person, therefore these are being replaced by telematic contracting and notification procedures, as those patented and developed by

The company, which started quoting  in the OTCQX segment of the OTC Markets Group in New York, last Monday,  has been granted over 187 patents in electronic contracting and notification in 50 countries worldwide. More than 70 countries recognize the company's electronic trading and notification methods as valid. 

So far this year, has become the company that has increased the most in the European market, with a 940% revaluation