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22 November 2022 obtains from the European Union its 217th patent and consolidates its position in the EIDAS ecosystem

Madrid, 21 November - The European Union authorities have granted (LLN.MC) (ALLLN.PA) (LLEIF.US) a new patent for its EIDAS-certified contracting method.

This patent, the 217th obtained by the company for its inventions in the registered electronic signature, notification, and contracting industry, could represent the company's additional revenues in the SaaS segment estimated at six million euros.

In information sent to the market today, the company described the award as "the first patented method acting under the EIDAS umbrella, which requires identification by the electronic signature of the signing parties to be indubitable in a court of law."

The patent, granted by the European Patent Office (EPO), is valid for 20 years and is the fourth that the Spanish-listed company has received for its innovations in the industry.

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