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Our clients, hailing from various sectors and of all sizes, from around the globe, have entrusted us to provide the necessary legal backing for their electronic communications as required by the legislation in the countries they operate in.

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We provide a comprehensive range of secure and reliable communication solutions that adhere to regulations worldwide.

Our range of services includes electronic notifications electronic notifications, SMS , and registered emails., all designed to provide legal certainty to your electronic communications.

Together with the e-signature cloud platform, and other solutions, e-contracting, or digital identity services, we offer a complete environment of easy-to-use trust solutions

Electronic notification

Send emails or SMSs with reliable attestation of sending, delivery, and content..

Electronic signature and contracting

Discover our cloud-based electronic signature platform and contract solutions through email or SMS

Data validation

Explore our KYC solutions, identity verification services, digital certificate recognition, and OCR capabilities for identification document processing.

At, we are experts in international communications

Telecommunications operator specialising in SMS

With a rich history in digital communications, we have proudly originated as an ISP during the early days of the internet. As we evolved, we diversified our range of services to encompass trusted solutions. However, it is our distinction as a licensed telecommunications operator that truly sets us apart within the industry.

As part of our global expansion, we have obtained licenses to operate in multiple countries, including Spain, France, the United Kingdom, the United States, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, and Costa Rica. This extensive licensing allows us to provide our clients worldwide with our reliable and secure SMS services, ensuring seamless communication across the globe.

We offer bulk SMS using high quality routing, 2-Way numbering, and other operator-oriented services.


Our global presence includes offices and subsidiaries in 15 countries


São Paulo
Santiago de Chile
Santo Domingo
San José
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"Connectaclik Pro has provided Holaluz with effective and customized solutions,a must have for any services we will add to our processes."

Narcís Matabosch Planification Sales Manager

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