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Documentary evidence of sending and receiving

Electronic notification

Registered email

Email that can be used as evidence before a court of law.

Registered SMS

Text message that can be used as evidence before a court of law.


Electronic communication certifying the opening of the communication.

Openum eIDAS

Qualified electronic delivery service


Protecting Trade Secrets

Registered inbox

Registration of incoming emails. A mailbox that registers incoming emails, including attachments, and sends a certificate.

Registered invoice

Send invoices via Registered email.

Pay per use. No registration fees. No expiration date.

As simple as sending an email.

Sign documents and contracts

Click & Sign

Online contracting platform for everyone.

Registered SMS contract

Close deals by Registered SMS. We generate a certificate with the proposal and the acceptance.

Registered email contract

Close deals by Registered email. We generate a certificate with the proposal and the acceptance.

eKYC Onboarding

Validate and verify your clients’ identity by video conference. Integration with Click & Sign

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We help you meet the new GDPR

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The Benefits of Using the Electronic Signature in the Sales Department 30 November, 2021

The Benefits of Using the Electronic Signature in the Sales Department

A company’s sales are an essential element to its growth and success. What’s more, the sales department must have tools at its disposal that facilitate the sales process and meet the needs of its customers. In this post, we will discuss the benefits of using the electronic signature in the sales department, as well as its various uses.
Customer identification and AML directives
Gloria Salvador Gloria Salvador 23 November, 2021

Customer identification and AML directives

Money laundering and terrorist financing are problems that require international collaboration to control. The FATF, the Financial Action Task Force, was created in 1989 to increase international collaboration. Over 200 countries and jurisdictions are engaged. Its objective is to issue recommendations that serve as standards for a coordinated global response to prevent organised crime, corruption, and terrorism. Likewise, to achieve the political will to develop legislation in different geographical areas to combat these issues. In 1990, it issued its first 40 Recommendations.
Identification, authentication and authorisation
Gloria Salvador Gloria Salvador 16 November, 2021

Identification, authentication and authorisation

Online access to products and services entails a process with different stages that may seem quite similar if carried out naturally and transparently, although they respond to very different needs:
  • Identification Once the company collects the characteristics that uniquely define the individual, it identifies the individual. My fingerprints and facial features help identify me, thus setting me apart from other people. Companies should know whom they are dealing with; they should identify their customers and ensure the best possible service.