Press releases

1 October 2019

BNP Poland to use registered electronic communic

ation technology for debt claims and recoveries

Madrid-Warsaw, October 1.- The Polish subsidiary of the French BNP Paribas Bank has signed an agreement to use the technology of the Spanish company (BNE: LLN, EURONEXT: ALLN) to digitize debt and recovering claim processes of the entity, which operates under the name of BNP Paribas Bank Polska.

In particular, the bank will use the patented technology of registered electronic communications to speed up and facilitate debt collection process. registered communication systems will be used along with the current software of the Franco-Polish entity to generate documents admissible as evidence in the communication between the bank and its clients and debtors.
Henceforth, will provide BNP Paribas with Registered Communication services via SMS, email and Web.
This is an efficient, immediate and economical way to send registered messages, along with proof of delivery, time and content, in full compliance with the EU eIDAS regulation.

“This framework partnership agreement in Poland is further demonstration of the importance of providing a digitization strategy in the business processes of our clients, and it represents a significant opportunity to help companies of any size and sector to grow rapidly,” said Sisco Sapena, founder and CEO of the company.
“Having BNP Paribas Bank Polska trusting in us is an important boost to our technology, and we are proud of it, ” said Sapena.

In 1995, became the first Spanish to quote on a dual basis in the MAB and in Euronext Growth, in Paris.
On 27 December, it became the first company to receive eIDAS approval for its Registered email system, which allows its electronic certificates to be admitted by default to any European court or administration.

This the type-approval means that it can be used at European level without any national restriction, and their certifications should be admitted by default by any European court or agency.
During the 2Q 2019, obtained a net income of 3.22 million euros, 3% more than in the same period of the previous year.

During the first six months of the year, it recorded a gross margin of 1.68 million, 15% above that the one recorded during the same period of the previous year and the Ebitda remained stable at about 535,000 euros, which means that the company has already accumulated 12 quarters with positive Ebitda

Shares of stock for the company saw a closing price yesterday of 0.90 € both in Paris and Madrid. The company capitalizes 14.44 million euros to the present day.