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3 October 2019

The Colombian government grants third patent to

Madrid, 3 October - The Colombian government has granted the Spanish technology company (BME: LLN; EURONEXT: ALLLN) a new patent for its registered email method with a qualified electronic signature.

The new patent has number 35.683 of the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce of the Government of Colombia. The patent is currently in force for a 20-year period and is the third one the dual listed company on the Alternative Stock Market of Madrid and Euronext Growth in Paris receives by the authorities of the South American country.

Colombia is the main market of in Latin America, where it provides registered electronic communications services to public administrations such as Correos Colombianos, which in turn serves the vast majority of public companies in the country.

"The granting of this patent allows the company to boost in Colombia in a thriving sector with great potential such as contracting and electronic notification, in a country that is a technological spearheading in the area," he explained. Sisco Sapena, founder and CEO of 

This patented technology from allows the sending of digitally signed registered emails with a qualified signature without breaking that signature at the time of certification.

It generates a certificate with legal validity that can be presented as evidence in court to prove the sending, the content the delivery, and non-manipulation of information.

During 2018, the company became the first and the only Spanish supplier and the sixth in Europe to obtain the type approval of qualified electronic registered delivery service of the EIDAS regulation. 

This the type-approval means that it can be used at European level without any national restriction, and their certifications should be admitted by default by any European court or agency.

At present, the company has 106 patents worldwide on certification methods, in a strategy internationalization designed to defend its market position the in which it is implemented.

Not only Colombia but over 70 countries recognize the legal validity of electronic methods as a means to certify legal notifications in contracting processes, including the United States, the European Union, China, Japan, as well as Australia, New Zealand, Israel, South Africa and the Gulf Cooperation Council (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates).

Throughout 2019, the company has increased its value by 6.45%. At the close of the market, were sold at 0.99 euros in Madrid and at 0.95 euros in Paris.