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13 November 2019

The EPO grants the patent for its registered em

ail and expects revenues of 20 million euros

Madrid, 13 November.- The European Patent Office has granted (BME: LLN; EPA: ALLLN) a new patent, concerning its Method for Certification of the delivery by registered email.

The new European patent with number EP3188435, named "METHOD FOR CERTIFYING AN ELECTRONIC MAIL COMPRISING A TRUSTED DIGITAL SIGNATURE BY A TELECOMMUNICATIONS OPERATOR". The term of patent is currently in force for 20 years, it is second European patent granted on certification and notification methods as well as of digital witness for electronic contracting and electronic notification.

The company announced today in a Relevant Event aimed at the market that "The granting of this patent will enable the company to generate during its entire lifetime, additional revenues in the SaaS sector estimated at 20 million euros by expanding the range of applications where the adoption of the European EIDAS standard imposes the use of qualified electronic signatures across the board."

Eleven months ago,  the company became the first and the only Spanish supplier and, the sixth in Europe to obtain the type approval of qualified electronic registered delivery service of the EIDAS regulation. This type-approval means that it can be used at European level without any national restriction, and their certifications should be admitted by default by any European court or administration.

The granting this allows the company to strengthen its business in the booming market of the e-signature in Latin America.

The growth strategy of in the e-signature market goes through an aggressive policy of growth in terms of intellectual property.

Currently, the number of patents granted worldwide on certification methods reaches 107. Over 70 countries recognize the legal validity of electronic methods to certify legal notifications in contracting processes.

At the end of 2018, became the first  Spanish company to quote on a dual basis in the MAB and in The Euronext Growth, in Paris.

The current capitalization of the company the Spanish MAB reached 16.85 million euros in the MAB, an index in which the share reached 1.05 euros per share (16.1% to date this year).

On the other hand, the company's Euronext Growth securities stood at 1.04 euros per share (0.8% more in 2019 cumulative).