Press releases

3 November 2015

Stamphoto, the app to certify photos, now for business.

  • upgrades the app for the benefit of groups
  • Companies are incorporating the app to their business processes making them safer and convenient.

Lleida- Madrid 03 November 2015. upgrades the app to facilitate its use by groups.  The app allows signing up by entering a code that will link up all the certificates issued in the same account, which enables companies to distribute the app among staff or customers.

Stamphoto issues a fully legally binding certificate of the image, the exact location and the time and date it was taken, an evidence guarded during 5 years by acting as trusted third party.

There are companies using Stamphoto for their business processes. Construction companies are providing their workers with the app so upon completion of the work they can take the photo. They get the evidence without the need of any additional records. At present, we are in discussions with several insurance companies to offer the service thus obtaining the data related to any incident legally secure and user friendly.

The app, free to download, is available for IOS, Windows and Android. Now when signing up you can get two certified photos free.