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23 February 2017 develops a system to verify user's identity by

  •  RIU, is designed for the financial sector, allows to contract services without even having to go to the bank or send further documentation
  • is going to unveil RIU at the Mobile World Congress

Barcelona, February 23, 2017.-, a leading company in electronic certification and contracting, has developed the first platform that allows users identification by videoconferencing. It is an application designed for the financial sector, easing the contracting of products and services, such as the opening of a bank account without the need to go to the bank or to submit any further documentation RIU (Remote Identification Unit) solution will be showcased in the frame of the XII edition of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona.

RIU identification system is designed to be integrated in the web of any company, where the customer agrees to contract a service The application allows the user to choose between alive agent or stand-alone version, and they must comply with all requirements such as showing their id to prove they are who they say they are Thanks to this identity verification process, the system checks the integrity and validity of ids, passports, and driving licenses of more than 190 countries. The whole process takes approximately one minute and it can be integrated into Connectaclick online contracting platform

RIU facilitates KYC policies since it complies with the non-face-to-face identification procedure by videoconference issued by SEPBLAC in February 2016 on the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing.

The founder and CEO of, Sisco Sapena, explains that "companies are increasingly demanding solutions that allow them to improve their customers' satisfaction, while maintaining costs at reasonable level. Our RIU system is designed to meet these needs, ensuring that all legislation applicable to the prevention of money laundering is complied with".

For Sisco Sapena," the MWC is a must-attend event for has grown together with the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.Its the turning point of the year, the place to collaborate with lifelong partners and to close new partnerships that bring value to the company to our customers and to our shareholders. "



Currently the company is listed in the Spanish Alternative Stock Market and is a leading company in the field of electronic notification and electronic contracting. The company created in 1995 has two more business lines, namely SMS solutions and data validation. The telecom operator has signed agreements with more than 1000 companies in more than 150 countries managed from their 16 international headquarters. Its solutions and services are used in enterprises, public administration, and SME's.


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